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    End of First season!

    Server Wipe!!!

    Thank you everyone for a great season in our server, but now that every last player is done playing, server will be wiped. Expect more news soon

    The server is based on a very strong and updated Java source. The patch has been edited by a team of young professionals to make the gameplay enjoyable to everyone.

    More news following server start will be made available soon!

    Main information

    Server is Mid craft-pvp interlude-client

    Server rates are x75 adena x25 drop/spoil x25

    Stakato fangs drop without quest and can be echanged in the gmshop

    All epics will be allive at server start except antharas and valakas

    There is an auctioneer NPC which allows to sell augumented weapons

    Server has implemended latest security against bots, cheats etc

    Implemended mass sweaper in spoils. Radius 200

    Bishops skill celestial shield is shown above the characters head when active


      Valakas 23:00 +2gtm random 1hour              5 days


      Antharas 22:00 +2 gtm random 1hour    4days

      Baium 21:00 +2gtm random 1hour                3days

      Zaken (80LVL) 20:00 +2GTM random 1hour    2days

      AQ 19:00 +2 (80LVL) gtm random 1H            1day

      Tezza 22:00 (80LVL) +2 gtm random 1hour    2days